Work Out to Work On Your Mental Health

Exercising, and how it helps your emotional well-being!

News of the global pandemic has continued to take a toll on our minds. We all know a friend or family member that isn’t coping very well at this time, and empathy is encouraged as we push through these tough times. SparkFit would like to remind you to also prioritize your own emotional well-being by taking the time to do what you need to do to feel better! 

Exercise is, in fact, beneficial to our physical health. It’s known for helping us grow stronger, but did you know that it also helps us feel better? That’s right, working out has an impact on our minds. It could improve your mood and play a part in relieving you after a hard day! 

1. Mood Booster - Helping With Depression & Anxiety

There has always been talk about exercise helping with depression and anxiety. Doctors have recommended it for a valid reason. The human body is capable of releasing multiple “feel good” hormones, one of which is endorphins. According to WebMD, endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain to reduce your perception of pain. This means that exercise is, quite literally, capable of easing any emotional pain that you might be feeling. 

Thus, working out is viewed as a healthy coping mechanism when dealing with intrusive thoughts as a result of depression or anxiety. Exercising is seen as a mood booster because it encourages you to keep yourself moving instead of allowing you to mull over those negative emotions! The next time that you are feeling low, try a simple workout, and see if it improves your thought process.

2. Build Confidence - Battling Self Image & Self Esteem Issues

Body image issues are a major reason that many people start including exercise into their schedules. Exercising is a healthy coping mechanism in battling against self image issues. Working out has the power of boosting your self esteem by giving you more control over your physical appearance, and making you feel as if you are taking the necessary steps to improve any “imperfections” that you might see in yourself. 

Exercising regularly allows you to think that you are taking the necessary steps to make a change in your appearance. Working on your fitness improves your confidence and makes you feel like a brand new person! Productivity often encourages you to feel better about your worth, and what better way to be productive than to work on yourself through a simple workout?

3. Less Stresses With More Neurohormones

A stress reliever? Sounds a little impossible, doesn’t it? Well, here’s the science behind it: exercise stimulates the production of neurohormones like norepinephrine, which is a naturally acting chemical that is usually released into the blood when the brain perceives that it is in a stressful environment. Exercise is seen as a stress reducing activity because it encourages norepinephrine to function as the heart rate increases during strenuous activity, thus reducing the amount of stress that you are under. In simpler words: working out sends signals to your brain that tell it to release a hormone that is made to cope with stress.

This is why working out can be seen as a form of distraction that allows you to take your mind off the matter that may be causing you stress. It is a healthy method of redirecting your mind onto something more positive and productive!

4. Improves Sleep

If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, or know someone that might be a victim of insomnia, exercise is a recommended remedy. Working out allows for your body temperature to rise, which allows your body to calm down and tire itself out enough to encourage rest. Physical activity also interacts with the circadian rhythm, which is a built-in body clock that could be regulated with the help of exercise. This means that a simple workout routine has the power of adjusting your body clock to get a night full of sleep. 

Despite its benefits, health experts usually don’t recommend working out directly before your bedtime, so a few hours before climbing into bed would be a more appropriate time for this. SparkFit provides hour-long online classes at different times throughout the week, according to each trainer that conducts each session:

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