Fit Now, Pay Later

Manage Your Fitness Expenses Better

Honestly yes, we know you can afford it and we certainly don’t want you to be in debt for this. With ‘Fit Now, Pay Later’, your big training purchase will split into smaller payments, so you can take control and manage your expenses in a more flexible and convenient way.

Zero interest rate

No interest. No hidden charges. You pay only the price of what you are bringing home. We all love surprises, but certainly not in this.

It's super simple to Pay Later

Enjoy in your workout, not in paying.

1. Shop

Select any training services with “Instalment Available”

2. Checkout

In your checkout process, select “Pay by Instalment” as your payment method.

3. Payment

A payment link will be SMS and email to you to complete your payment details.

4. Get Fit Now

Enjoy your workout!

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Take control of your spending without giving up on the things you love.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does client have an option to not take instalments?

Yes, for packages which instalment option is available, clients can choose to either pay by instalment, or pay the full amount upfront.

2. If the client stops showing up for trainings or they default on instalments, what happens?

Following our existing policy, SparkFit has a no refund or cancellation policy. If a client defaults on their instalments, we will still pay the trainer in full amount. If a client stops attending sessions and trainer has not agreed and consented to cancel the trainings, the trainer will still be paid in full amount.

3. How does the instalment process work?

When then client checkout with selecting the instalment payment option, a SMS message and email will be sent to them with a link to fill in their credit card / debit card and personal details. Once all their details are verified in real time and they pass the requirements, their payment will be complete.

4. Which clients are eligible for the instalment payment?

  1. Above the age of 18
  2. Card expiry has to be more than 6 months
  3. Debit / Credit card must have sufficient amount for first instalments
  4. Card used must be Visa or Mastercard
  5. Prepaid cards are not accepted
  6. Every client has a limit of RM 3,000 for instalments. If you purchase a package which is more than RM 3,000, the extra amount above RM 3,000 will need to be paid with the first payment.

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