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How HIIT helps you stay fit

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, requires you to put one hundred percent of your energy into quick but intense bursts of exercise, followed by short but active recovery periods. Imagine sprinting for a full minute, followed by light jogging for the next 10 minutes. This would be the nature of a typical HIIT workout.

Despite its intimidating approach, HIIT is a training technique that has only gained more attention from fitness enthusiasts. Wondering what the HIIT hype is about? Well…

  1. Burns your calories and increases your metabolism. It’s common with HIIT workouts because the exercise is so intense.

  2. Focuses on multiple muscle groups at once. Most HIIT workouts are inclusive of more than one muscle group because it includes heavy movements. 

  3. Improves your oxygen intake and blood flow. Because HIIT consists of a mix of exercises that allow the flexing of muscles, it is undeniable that the workout would strengthen your circulatory system. 
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How to Choose a HIIT Personal Fitness Trainer

Anyone can find themselves a personal fitness trainer, but how do you pick the right fitness trainer? Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Credentials. Ensure that the fitness trainer has the necessary credentials that allows them to teach you.
  2. ReputationCheck for positive feedback! Hear what previous clients have to say.
  3. SpecialtiesLook for specific services in HIIT, it’s important that you look into trainers who have experience in this field to be sure that your needs will be met.
  4. BudgetIt’s important to consider the option that would be best for your financial situation. Instead, it would be smart to plan consistent, affordable sessions!
  5. Availability. Reach out to your desired personal fitness trainer and discuss your schedules.
  6. Personality. Consider finding a fitness trainer that shares the same philosophies as you. To be able to learn from them, you’ll have to actually like their techniques and their style.

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