So... how does it work?

If you are a Trainer

1. Register

Well, you need to register first. Trainer registration is currently on review process done by human. We are pretty serious about the quality of our trainer community and we will get in touch with you ASAP to confirm your details.

2. Review

Once the review is completed, our team of human will create your shinning Trainer Profile page and live your page.

3. Rock n' Roll

That's it. Get ready to receive bookings for your personal training sessions and fitness classes from trainees and #flatthecurve! Pun intended. You will receive your payments on a 2 week cycle based on conducted personal training sessions or classes.

Tips for Trainers

1. Put best photos of yourself, trainees would like to know who is their future trainer.

2. Put as much info as you can such as videos about your training programs, help trainees see you in action, it will help you to get more trainees engaged. 

3. Respond to trainee chat while it’s hot, the faster you reply the higher chance of engaging them.

If you are a Trainee

1. Find your personal trainer

Search through our list of fitness categories, fitness trainers, personal trainings, and fitness classes that match your preferences.

2. Book your training & we protect your money

Book your sessions and classes and pay online, or chat with trainers for more details. Well, you also need to register first. You can pay for the personal training package or class online. We protect your money as we pay trainer only based on conducted sessions. So in any case your personal training cant continue or the class gets canceled, we will refund your for unconducted trainings or classes.

3. Rock your body

That's it. Start sweating and get fit in the way you want it.

Tips for Trainees

1. Don’t be afraid to chat with trainers beforehand to really understand whether their personal trainings and classes suites you or not.

2. Feel free to book multiple personal training sessions at one go, or book classes for yourself and your friends. Keep in mind that SparkFit has a no cancellation / no refund policy.

Have more questions?

Check our FAQ page and you might find your answer.

Find the best fitness trainer for you

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Get the best trainer recommendations based on your preferences or else, a full refund after your first call with trainer.

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